SparkleComm call center is helping companies across the country to connect

Operational indicator monitoring
  • Multi-dimensional real-time monitoring data, monitoring incoming and outgoing call volume, connection rate, seat usage, etc.;
Real-time recording of calls
  • The SparkleComm call center system does not need to add any other equipment, and can record all calls through the system in real time, including calls made by users, calls made by agent representatives, and calls made between extensions. The recording file of the system is closely related to the call record. After each call record, the agent can click to listen to the recording of the call online, or download the recording file and listen to it.
Service monitoring
  • During the operation of the system, the supervisor or administrator with the authority can monitor and operate the calls of ordinary seats in real time, including monitoring, forced insertion, forced removal, tripartite, hang-up, etc.