SparkleComm call center is helping companies across the country to connect


Call center integrated solution
  • Outbound
  • WorkOrderManagement
  • Reports
  • Quality


ACD Automatic Call Distributor

IVR Interactive Voice Response


Incoming Call Pop-up Screen

Instant conversations


Robot Outbound

Predictive Outbound

Preemptive 0utbound

Outbound Plan Management

Video calls

Work Order Management

Flexible Workflow

Accurate Retrieval Of work Orders

Work Order Aging Monitoring

Powerful Search


Comprehensive Dimensions

Big Screen Display

Productivity tools


Operational Indicator Monitoring

Real-time Recording Of Calls

Service Monitoring


Our Advantage

Continuously Improve Service Value

Intelligent Service

Deploy on demand, flexible settings. It is convenient to answer and make calls, IVR intelligent voice assists manual communication, and the call is clear and stable, providing customers with a high-quality call experience.

Outbound Call Capability

The outbound data is imported in batches, and the custom rules are automatically assigned. The line is stable, reaches customers effectively, and has multiple outbound methods to meet corporate outbound calls or more marketing needs.

Quality Inspection And Monitoring

Real-time dynamic monitoring to ensure the quality of agent services; multi-dimensional quality inspection and analysis, with comprehensive statistical analysis reports, allowing enterprises to evaluate the service quality and operating conditions of the call center.

Comprehensive Call Center Functions

Professional Idea